Gear systems literally come in all shapes and sizes and are subjected to various operating speeds, loads and temperatures, which greatly effect temperature – viscosity and pressure – viscosity behaviour all of which affect the one main objective of a gear, to transfer torque into rotational speed.

When gears mesh together there is metal on metal contact, if the lubricant film thickness is not sufficient, eventually leads to fatigue over a period of time. The first obvious sign of wear on a gear is pitting. The formation of such wear is attributed to the build-up of localised micro pitting, mainly induced by the use of extreme pressure additives used as anti-scuffing agents.

Italmatch offer a wide range of polymeric esters ranging in polarity and viscosity, allowing flexibility for the formulator to match the required chemical properties for selected gear systems. Gear oils formulated on Ketjenlube polymeric esters perform at lower operating temperatures, with enhanced micro pitting performance, whilst giving long term oxidative, hydrolytic, shear and thermal stability. With the natural polarity of the polymeric esters, seal shrinkage is not an issue, which is often observed with PAO based products.

For this specific application area Italmatch continue to successfully market the Ketjenlube, Dapralube and Dapraphos product series.