Food Grade Lubricants

Industrial lubricants, which are classified as food grade lubricants conform to the NSF requirements of H-1 for finished lubricants and HX-1 for additives used in formulations (accidental food contact). The HX-1 requirement is not application specific, therefore a variety of applications and the specific lubricant designed for the application are all included in the same category. The applications can range from high viscosity gear oils to lower viscosity compressor oil.

Some of the major obstacles facing the food grade lubricant industry is the restriction on the amount of additives allowed to be used in combination with the limited numbered of approved chemistries. An additional issue the industry encounters is the poor solubility of registered additives in base fluids such as white oils or PAO.

This conundrum can be overcome by the use of polymeric esters such as the Ketjenlube series, which are NSF registered for HX-1, up to a maximum limit of 25%. The ranging polarities and viscosities in which the Ketjenlube polymer esters are available can help solubilize additives in non-polar base stocks, as well as offering outstanding lubricity performance, high temperature and high shear stability (HTHS) ideal attributes for Greases, Gear oils and Chain lubricants.

For this specific application area Italmatch continue to successfully market the Ketjenlube and Dapralube product series.