Flame Retardants Additives for Polymers

Italmatch Chemicals manufacture and develop Phosphorus and Nitrogen based Flame Retardant Additive in many polymer applications, mainly for thermoplastic polymers but also for thermoset and carpet backing applications.

The present strategy of the company is to become a reliable global multiproduct player able to offer a wide range of effective flame retardants, based on different technologies, environmentally friendly, and competitive on a cost/performance basis for the engineering polymers market.

Italmatch Chemicals produces the following three product families:

Masteret® – Red Phosphorus Based Flame Retardants concentrates,

Melagard® – Melamine Based Flame Retardants and

Phoslite® – New, Phosphorus based, fully colorable Flame Retardants, synergistic mixtures of different additives that target specific polymer applications such as polypropylene (PP) UL 94 V2 applications, PBT UL 94 V0, PC and PC Alloys, ABS, PVC, but also as Antimony trioxide replacement.

Masteret®, the main applications include Polyamide 66 glass fiber reinforced compounds for electric installation systems, industrial switching units, household electrical equipment and automation technology, Polyamide and polyamide/polyester carpet backing applications, Halogen Free polypropylene applications targeting UL 94 V2

Melagard®: Melamine Based Flame Retardant additives. Melagard MC (Melamine Cyanurate) is mainly for use in unfilled and mineral filled polyamide 6 and 66 as well copolymers compounds, fully colorable, complying with UL 94 V0, polyamide 6 and 66 glass fiber reinforced compounds complying UL 94 V2. Other applications are in TPU for cable jacketing. We manufacture also Melagard MP (Melamine Phosphate) that is a synergic ingredient used in intumescent paints, coatings and in thermoplastics.

Phoslite® are light phosphorus based halogen free flame retardants. Due to their high phosphorus content they are highly effective and show very good  thermal stability. The Phoslite® grades are non-toxic and fully colourable (white powder) which allows the application expecially in PP and polyolefins.


Among the new products Phoslite® EXP PP/35 & EXP PP/36 is an advanced intumescent system for polyolefins based on Phoslite™. Compared to existing systems Phoslite™ intumescent systems are based on different phosphorus valence numbers and condensation states, resulting in lower dosing. They offer very high UL-94 efficiency and char forming. In addition, Phoslite™ shows zero halogens, low smoke and a good resistance to a humid environment. The unique property profile of these flame retardants includes high compatibility with glass fibres, excellent aging, low tinting as well as easy dosing and processability


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