Biodegradable Lubricants

In a world where the levels of pollution are continuously being monitored, with progressive measures and attempts to reduce the volume of pollutants used in everyday society. The lubricant industry is moving in the same direction with increasing volumes of biodegradable lubricants used in numerous applications. There is also a further drive for these lubricants to be produced from a renewable sources.

Since natural oils and conventional esters have significant limitations in terms of chemical characteristics such as: Oxidation stability, Hydrolytic stability etc. The industry has continued to develop new and innovative ways to meet the specifications and requirements of the latest Eco Labels, which are also evolving at incremental rates. Enhanced demands on the parameters for biodegradation, bioaccumulation and eco-toxicity, particularly for total loss lubrication systems in environmental sensitive areas, ensures continual development within the sector.

For this specific application area Italmatch continue to successfully market the Ketjenlube and Dapralube product series.