Italmatch chemicals Spa is a leading specialty chemical company in the high end additives for special lubricant applications. Our most widely known tradename, Ketjenlube® refers to a range of polymeric esters that provides excellent lubricating performance as well as low viscosity base fluid compatibility, enhancing product stabilities and performance when considering for use in high performance applications.

Italmatch Chemicals portfolio extends beyond the Ketjenlube® polymeric esters in to a range of complex and conventional esters, oleoesters (Dapralube® range), amide friction modifiers (Dapramid® range), succinic derivatives (Dapral®: ASA, PIBSA etc.) and a range of phosphorus derivatives both phosphite, phosphonate and phosphate esters (Dapraphos® range).

There are different product groups that find wide use in difficult applications and provide the formulator with several choices when developing the optimum product. Main application areas are: gear oil, where they enhance significantly the pitting and micro-pitting performance, MWF, greases, hydraulic oil applications and last but not least engine oils (2T as well as 4T).

Italmatch Chemicals is the main European manufacturer of Phosphorus Pentasulphide (Pentasit®), a key raw material for the production of the widely used antiwear and antioxidant additives (ZDDP) in lubrication.